SMDA Testing Fee Update

Following the approval of SMDA SEC Modification MP111, the Scheme is transitioning into the Smart Energy Code (SEC). As this transition secures future funding of the Scheme’s fixed costs, and we have begun to work with our newly appointed test house Critical Software, we are pleased to announce that this has resulted in a substantial decrease in the SMDA testing fees.

SMDA’s funding model has been adapted to align with SECAS processes, therefore the testing fees are now split into charges for those who are SEC Parties and those who are non-SEC Parties.

The new test fees are as follows for credit and pre-payment testing in the Central/ South and North region, against November 19 Release.

Type of Device SEC Parties Fees

Non- SEC Parties  Fees

Electricity meter £40,000 £44,000
Gas meter £45,000 £49,500
Combined PPMID/ IHD Device £38,000 £41,800
Day rate for Re-testing, Pre-Testing & Issue Analysis  




Day rate for Exemption testing £1,200 £1,200


As part of the above, each of the testing fees includes a number of days effort associated with completing a full set of testing once, together with a small allowance to repeat some tests (for example, where retests are required due to the testing environment).

In addition, the fees also now set out a day rate associated with retesting as well as uplifts of firmware under the exemption process. These daily rates have been reduced down from the previously published rates of £1,250 to £1,200 a day.

Please be advised that with the introduction of WNC Communication Hubs into SMDA testing these charges may vary, though this is expected to be minimal change.

For further information please see SMDA Assurance Fees 2021 v2.0 and SMDA Charging Model v2.0 available on the SMDA Website here.

Best Wishes

Kunal Sharma, Head of SMDA Scheme