Benefits of accessing SMDA

There are many benefits to accessing SMDA, for example Parties can sit on the SMDA Sub-Committee and provide input into the assurance process for the Scheme Operator’s product outputs. For manufacturers, whilst those wanting to test their devices are not required to be a SEC Party, in recognition of their contribution to the development and shaping of the scheme, those involved will receive discounts on the cost of testing services.

A full list of membership benefits are below:

Benefit Applicable to Benefit details
Scheme Governance Suppliers, MAPs, Manufacturers
  • Input into scheme governance, including defining testing requirements and scope
  • Communication on testing progress
  • Input into change management and assurance process, representation on SMDA Sub-Committee
Test Fees Manufacturers
  • Discounted test fees
Access to SMDA Documentation Suppliers, MAPs, Manufacturers
  • Full access to all scheme documents and procedures, including traceability matrix
  • Access to Test Specifications
Access to the Device Assurance Register (DAR) Suppliers, MAPs, Manufacturers
  • Listed devices are accessible, with key features, such as make, model, SMDA baseline version and SMETS version
  • Full details of baseline and device history limited to members section only
Access to Test Reports Suppliers, Manufacturers
  • Manufacturers provided with a Test Report upon completion of testing
  • Supplier members (only) provided with SMDA Test Reports where evidence of testing required by Ofgem, through a governed process