Assurance Overview

Overview of testing

The SMDA scheme tests interoperability and interchangeability, and provides a degree of assurance that devices comply with the requirements of the Smart Metering Equipment Technical Specification (SMETS).  The SMDA scheme does not provide assurance that all SMETS requirements are met, but provides information to SMDA members regarding which requirements are tested.  The SMDA scheme can agree that additional testing should be performed on a risk-basis to demonstrate compliance with SMETS requirements that would not be proved through interoperability or interchangeability testing.

The testing consists of two parts:

  1. Interoperability relates to the ability of Type 1 devices to interact with the Data Communications Company (DCC), successfully receiving, interpreting, acting on and responding to messages.
  2. Interchangeability goes further, checking that all devices on the Home Area Network (HAN) such as in-home displays, meters, pre-payment interface devices or HAN connected auxiliary load switches can communicate with one another, interpret and act on commands, no matter what brand is being used.

Partial Assurance

SMDA Assurance currently covers Credit and Pre-Payment functionality in the Central and South Regions. The plan below outlines the steps to be taken to reach Full Assurance. We are currently at stage 3. In order to move to stage 4, certain steps within the industry will need to be taken. As these issues sit outside of the scheme’s control, it is not possible to provide timescales for moving to the next stage, however we continue to engage with industry and the SMDA Management Panel to understand when these issues will be resolved and we can move closer to Full Assurance. We will update this plan as and when more information becomes available.

Who tests?

The SMDA Scheme Operator appointed Critical Software in April 2021 as the SMDA Test House.

Critical Software is a system, software and data engineering company who are already well established in the GB smart metering space.

A specific SMDA test facility in Southampton opened in mid-2017. All interoperability and interchangeability testing takes place in this facility.