Scheme Documents

SMDA Assurance Baseline
SMDA Assurance Baseline 2019-07-10 (62 downloads)
Approved 2019-07-1017th July 2019Sets out the SMDA baseline components
SMDA Assurance Fees
SMDA Assurance Fees (365 downloads)
1.331st July 2018Sets out the fees for SMDA testing and assurance
SMDA Branding Guidelines
SMDA-232-Branding-Guidelines-v1.0.pdf (10 downloads)
18th November 2017Explains how the SMDA Marks and Ident may be used
SMDA Change Management Form
SMDA-Change-Management-Form-v1.1.docx (8 downloads)
1.115th March 2018Form for members to submit a change proposal
SMDA Change Management Procedure
SMDA-134-Change-Management-Procedure-v1.0.pdf (7 downloads)
126th October 2015Sets out the procedure for proposal of, and decisions regarding, changes to SMDA 'Applicable Products'.
SMDA Charging Model
SMDA-229-Charging-Model-v1.0.pdf (19 downloads)
16th June 2017Ensures members understand how pricing is set, providing transparency on potential lifetime costs of device assurance
SMDA Engagement and Communications Plan
SMDA-228-Engagement-and-Communications-Plan-v1.0.pdf (7 downloads)
13rd April 2017Proposes methods of engagement with stakeholders internal and external to the project
SMDA Entry and Exit Criteria
SMDA-125-Entry-and-Exit-Criteria-v1.0.pdf (23 downloads)
118th November 2015Set of criteria conditions that need to be met by devices prior to testing and to successfully complete assurance process
SMDA Interchangeability Unit Testing Plan Go Live
SMDA-226-Interchangeability-Unit-Testing-Plan-Go-Live-v1.0.pdf (25 downloads)
112th April 2017Provides a detailed plan for IC testing for the initial Go Live period
SMDA Issue and Dispute Resolution Procedure
SMDA-139-Issue-and-Dispute-Resolution-Procedure-v1.0.pdf (9 downloads)
130th November 2015Process for raising an issue, escalating and issue were the party disagrees with outcome and referring an issue to the SMDA Co Board
SMDA Over-Recovery Mechanism
SMDA-244-Over-Recovery-Mechanism-v1.0.pdf (4 downloads)
128th November 2017Outlines the detailed mechanism by which any over-recovery of testing fees will be returned to manufacturers
SMDA Process for Issuing Assurance
SMDA-179-Process-for-Issuing-SMDA-Assurance-v1.1.pdf (8 downloads)
1.18th September 2017Outlines process between the Manufacturer, Test House and Scheme Operator to issue SMDA Assurance for a Device
SMDA Quality Assurance Framework
SMDA-167-Quality-Assurance-Framework-v1.0.pdf (6 downloads)
19th February 2016Provides an overview and outlines key components of the Quality
SMDA Risk Based Interchangeability Testing Approach
SMDA-096-Risk-Based-Interchangeability-Testing-Approach-v2.0.pdf (17 downloads)
214th September 2015Outlines key factors and considerations in developing a Risk-based IC Testing Approach
SMDA SO Exemptions Guidance
SMDA-242-SO-Exemptions-Guidance-Document-V1.2.pdf (16 downloads)
1.230th November 2017Provides guidance to manufacturers and Test House when applying for, and assessing, exemptions
SMDA Test Exemption Procedure
SMDA-143-Test-Exemption-Procedure-v1.2.pdf (36 downloads)
1.28th September 2017Outlines necessary steps to be taken by the Manufacturer, Test House and the Scheme Operator as part of the Test Exemption process
SMDA Test Forecast Model and Reporting Procedure
SMDA-235-Test-Forecast-Model-and-Reporting-Procedure-v1.0.pdf (6 downloads)
124th August 2017To better forecast demand, the SO has developed a model for estimating the demand for testing
SMDA Test Forecast Model Approach
SMDA-089-Test-Forecast-Model-Approach-v2.0.pdf (8 downloads)
27th September 2015The approach the Scheme Operator will take in developing the Test Forecasting model (TFM)
SMDA Test House Terms and Conditions
SMDA-Test-House-Terms-and-Conditions.pdf (6 downloads)
1.122nd May 2019Test House terms and conditions
SMDA Test Specification Library
SMDA Test Specification Library v1.0.12 (3 downloads)
1.0.1210th October 2019Library of SMDA test specifications
SMDA Testing Approach
SMDA-208-Testing-Approach-v1.0.pdf (10 downloads)
19th May 2017Describes the SMDA testing approach based on the evolution of the SMDA testing requirements
SMDA Testing Architecture Design
SMDA-199 Testing Architecture Design v1.1 (10 downloads)
1.118th October 2018Outlines SMDA Testing Architecture
SMDA Testing Exemption Application Form
SMDA Testing Exemption Application Form v1.1 (2 downloads)
1.130th April 2020Form for manufacturers to provide to the Test House when submitting new firmware or hardware versions as part of the Test Exemption Process
SMDA Testing Overview
SMDA-227-Testing-Overview-v1.1.pdf (11 downloads)
1.16th March 2017High-level overview of the SMDA Scheme objectives, scope and parameters and how those objectives are met
SMDA Testing Strategy for Device Changes
SMDA-085-Testing-Strategy-for-Device-Changes-v1.2.pdf (11 downloads)
1.224th August 2015Outlines the Scheme Operator's proposed approach to device re-testing
SMDA Tolerated Issues for Partial Assurance in Credit Mode in Central and South Regions
SMDA-246 - Tolerated Issues for Partial Assurance in Credit Mode in Central and South Regions v1.3 (2 downloads)
1.312th May 2020Outline the tests that have been deemed tolerable and the reasons why
SMDA Traceability
Traceability-v1.0.0.xlsx (14 downloads)
1.0.03rd August 2017
SMDA Website and DAR Specification
SMDA-210-Website-and-DAR-Specification-v1.0.pdf (5 downloads)
19th May 2017Outlines background to, and the agreed functionality of the SMDA website and Device Assurance Register (DAR)