SMDA Stakeholders

SMDA Company

  • Set up as a joint initiative between Energy and Utilities Alliance (EUA), Energy UK, British Electrotechnical and Allied Manufacturers’ Association (BEAMA) and the Community of Meter Asset Providers (CMAP).

SMDA Board

  • Company limited by guarantee
  • The decision-making body for the SMDA scheme and represents the SMDA Company’s founding members.
  • Oversees the scheme and the testing regime managed by the SMDA Scheme Operator.

SMDA Management Panel

  • The decision support group consisting of representatives from the founding members.

SMDA Scheme Operator

  • Gemserv is the SMDA Scheme Operator, appointed by the SMDA Company.

SMDA Members

  • Energy Suppliers, Manufacturers and Meter Asset Providers. Member Suppliers and Meter Asset Providers will typically benefit from access to information that supports regulatory or commercial requirements to install interoperable and interchangeable devices.


  • May submit devices to the SMDA scheme for assurance. Members and non-members may submit devices for assurance.

Board Membership

The SMDA Co Board is jointly operated by SSE, EDF Energy, EUA, BEAMA and Foresight Metering. It is made up of five members – each of the five companies are responsible for appointing their Board representative internally. The current members of the Board are:

  • Martin Bell (EDF Energy)
  • Martin Hanley (SSE)
  • Terry Jefferson (EUA)
  • Andrew Willman (BEAMA)
  • Carmen Strickland (Foresight Metering)