SMDA Newsletter – December Quarterly Update

Dear All,

With the Christmas break around the corner, this is a great opportunity to highlight the recent achievements of SMDA before starting the new year.


 SMDA Review Progress Update

The Scheme Operator and SECAS have been working to complete the objectives of the SMDA Review Tranche Two and hosted a Workshop on 24 November 2023 which was attended by representatives from the SEC Panel, SMDA Sub-Committee and DESNZ.

At the Workshop, attendees were invited to review the Guidance Note: Interoperability and Interchangeability Obligations and Expectations, High-Level Requirements for the SMDA testing services and changes to the Scheme that had been raised previously.

The Guidance Note brings together all the regulatory obligations relating to the interoperability and interchangeability of smart metering Devices.  The Guidance Note provides a handy graphical summary of the obligations across the Energy Licences, the SEC, and its technical subsidiary documents, as well as a quick guide summarising key responsibilities and requirements.

The Guidance Note also sets out the Government policy position relating to interoperability and interchangeability, including from DESNZ and Ofgem, so that their views on what the regulations mean and how they apply are in one place.

Both the Guidance Note and the High-Level Requirements were submitted to the SEC Panel on 19 December 2023 following SMDA Sub-Committee endorsement. The SEC Panel approved the High-Level Requirements, which will be used during re-procurement of an SMDA Testing Service Provider, and a communication will be sent to Parties once the Guidance Note has been published.

A SEC modification will also be raised in tandem to the re-procurement to review the restrictions on Parties who can participate in the re-procurement activity.

Current activities

 SMDA Sub-Committee Election

 SECAS initiated an election for half of the Smart Meter Device Assurance Sub-Committee (SMDASC) seats (five seats) to split the term duration of members.

Following this election, we are pleased to announce the following appointment of members retaining their existing seats:

  • Other SEC Party GSME Manufacturer representative seat – Martin Bell (EUA)
  • Other SEC Party ESME Manufacturer representative seat – Andrew Willman (BEAMA)
  • Other SEC Party Meter Asset Provider representative seat – Adam Cooke (Macquarie)
  • Network Party representative seat – Matthew Alexander (SSEN)

The new term begun on 5 December 2023 for 24 months.

No nominates were received for the Large Supplier representative seat, therefore this seat will remain vacant until a nomination is received. If you want to learn more about these seats or the SMDASC, please contact


 DCC Communication Hub SMDA Report

 The SMDA Test Reports for DCC Communication Hubs will be published on the SMDA website.

The reports will show the testing that has been completed by the Scheme on the Communication Hub and the results of each test.

The Scheme hopes that by providing this information to Parties, that it will increase visibility of Communication Hubs and associated Firmware versions going through SMDA testing, and ultimately greater confidence in Communication Hubs being tested independently.

Notifications will be provided to Parties when a Report is published.

If you wish to submit any feedback or questions, please contact the This can include testing issues that manufacturers would like to raise for discussion.

This newsletter will also be published on the SMDA website here.

Best Wishes,

Anik Abdullah, Head of SMDA Scheme Operator