SMDA Update – Full Assurance

Dear all,

SMDA is pleased to announce that Full Assurance has been awarded to three devices. All devices are PPMID’s with two awarded assurance against the November 19 Release baseline and the other against the Release 1 baseline. All the devices are now registered on the SMDA Device Assurance Register (DAR).

This is a major milestone for the Scheme and something that we have been working to achieve from the outset.

We would like to thank everyone who has been involved, from the Management Panel Sub-Group who helped define the tolerable issues, the device manufacturers who have submitted their devices for testing, the SMDA Sub-Committee who continuously pushed the Scheme to develop and the SMDA Test House for undertaking testing and liaising with device manufacturers to achieve this milestone.

This is a great time to submit your devices for Full Assurance testing, if you are interested, please contact the Test House – Critical Software at

Please contact if you have any questions on the information provided in this update.

Best Wishes

Kunal Sharma, Head of SMDA Scheme

SMDA Newsletter – February Update

We hope everyone has had a good start to the new year! While we know last year was another tough year for everyone, the Scheme underwent some beneficial changes which we hope to continue this year to better the Scheme and its Parties.

Achievements and Future Goals

As we focus on the new year and the near future, we also want to reflect on the accomplishments of last year:


Full Assurance

One of the next steps is awarding Full Assurance and we recently provided some key information for manufacturers to encourage device submissions. This includes an updated full assurance baseline, together with an updated Common Tolerated Issues log, and a decision tree which hopefully makes it simpler to understand which route to go down in order for devices to achieve full assurance. More information can be found here.

Device Testing

The testing fees model has been updated for new devices. 50% of the testing fee will be required at the start of testing and the remaining 50% will be required once Full Assurance has been awarded.

At the start of testing, manufacturers are required to submit their device and relavent certificates to proceed with testing. During the testing process, manufacturers will be provided with regular updates and will be notified if any issues are found during testing. Testing timescales can vary depending on the type of device submitted. Please refer here for more details on the testing timescales.

If an issue is identified, the Test House will review the outcome of the test and try to identify the failing element. Once identified, a ticket is issued to the manufacturer with DUIS xml level information. If further investigation is required the Test House can rerun testing using a debugging tool, though this is limited as to not effect testing timescales.

Depending on the issue, testing timescales may be delayed while the manufacturer proceeds with the exemption process or an issue is referred to the SMDA Management Panel Sub-Group. During the exemption process, manufacturers can to either retest devices or submit self-evidence to the Test House to prove that the device issues have been resolved, reducing fees and timescales.

SMDA Company Board Closure

As part of the transition into the Smart Energy Code (SEC), the governance structure of SMDA has resided within the SEC since January 2021. The SMDA Sub-Committee has been meeting every two months and reports into the SEC Panel.

The SMDA Company (Co.) Board has also continued to meet over the last 12 months to complete its final wind down activities in anticipation of the closure of the company. It is expected that the SMDA Co. will close in April 2022.

All Parties are to be formally notified via a separate communication in the coming days.

SMDA Sub-Committee Election

The Scheme will shortly be initiating an election for three roles on the SMDA Sub-Committee each for a term of 24 months:

  • One Large Supplier role represented from the Large Supplier SEC Party constituency
  • One Manufacturer role represented from the Other SEC Party constituency
  • One additional MAP role represented from the Other SEC Party constituency

Communications will be circulated to the Other SEC Parties and Large Suppliers inviting them to submit nominees for these positions. Parties will have 15 Working Days to submit their nominations.

Further information regarding the SMDA Sub-Committee as well as the Terms of Reference is available on the SEC website here.

On a final note, this issue of the newsletter is dedicated to Audrey Gallacher OBE, Deputy Chief Executive and Director of Policy of Energy UK. Audrey’s participation and contribution to the Scheme has helped the Scheme reach its current potential and we will continue to strive in her memory.

Please contact if you have any questions on the information provided in this update.

Best Wishes

Kunal Sharma, Head of SMDA Scheme