SMDA Newsletter – Quarterly Update

Dear All,

We hope everyone is well.

Over the last three months, the Scheme has been moving forward with device assurance and aligning with industry changes. All three device types (ESMEs, GSMEs and PPMIDs) have been awarded Full Assurance with two GSME devices and one ESME device being awarded Full Assurance with no tolerable issues. This is a milestone for the Scheme as it shows that all the obstacles to Full Assurance have been removed and the Scheme would therefore encourage manufacturers to contact for more information on submitting devices for testing.

The Scheme has also published three baselines which can now be tested against:

  • the November 2019 SEC Release Baseline;
  • the November 2020 SEC Release Baseline; and,
  • the November 2021 SEC Release Baseline.

As no changes were required to align with the June 2022 SEC Release, the Scheme aligns with the most recent industry requirements, and will continue to review changes for the November 2022 SEC Release.

In addition, the Scheme has successfully tested six Communication (Comms) Hub variants for independent testing. SMDA testing provides further assurances to industry that DCC Comms Hubs are performing correctly, and issues can be identified in parallel to User Integrated Testing (UIT).

Furthermore, an independent review has been commissioned by the SEC Panel, to assess the scope of the Scheme and its value to the wider industry. The project brief was reviewed by the SEC Panel on 17th June 2022 and the project is expected to be completed in September 2022. The outcomes of this review will determine the long-term objectives of the Scheme.

The Scheme would also like to formally notify Parties that the SMDA Company was dissolved on 7th June 2022. This completes the transition of SMDA into the SEC.

The Scheme has also been increasing communication and visibility to industry by presenting updates on progress at the following meetings:

  • Other SEC Party meetings
  • Small Supplier SEC meetings
  • Energy and Utilities Alliance Joint Manufacturer Meetings
  • BEIS Independent Supplier Forum
  • Community of Meter Asset Providers
  • Introduction to the SEC webinar
  • UK Metering Forum

Finally, the Scheme continues to implement improvements based on the feedback received from interested parties. The next focus is to update the process for changing the SMDA test scripts, by including an industry consultation, as well as updating the SMDA Exemption Guidance.

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This newsletter will also be published on the SMDA website here.

Best Wishes

Kunal Sharma, Head of SMDA Scheme