SMDA Update – Full Assurance

Dear all,

SMDA is pleased to announce that Full Assurance has been awarded to three devices. All devices are PPMID’s with two awarded assurance against the November 19 Release baseline and the other against the Release 1 baseline. All the devices are now registered on the SMDA Device Assurance Register (DAR).

This is a major milestone for the Scheme and something that we have been working to achieve from the outset.

We would like to thank everyone who has been involved, from the Management Panel Sub-Group who helped define the tolerable issues, the device manufacturers who have submitted their devices for testing, the SMDA Sub-Committee who continuously pushed the Scheme to develop and the SMDA Test House for undertaking testing and liaising with device manufacturers to achieve this milestone.

This is a great time to submit your devices for Full Assurance testing, if you are interested, please contact the Test House – Critical Software at

Please contact if you have any questions on the information provided in this update.

Best Wishes

Kunal Sharma, Head of SMDA Scheme