SMDA Update – First GSME device awarded SMDA Full Assurance with no common issues

Dear all,

SMDA is pleased to report that the first GSME device has been awarded SMDA Full Assurance with no common issues.

This is a major milestone for the Scheme as Full Assurance has now been awarded to all three device types (ESME, GSME & PPMID/IHD) and this is the first device to successfully pass all 300+ SMDA tests.

SMDA testing covers 67% of all SMETS2 requirements, providing confidence to MAPs and Suppliers that a device is compliant with the interoperability and interchangeability requirements.

Furthermore, Manufacturers are advised that all new devices submitted for testing will be automatically tested against the Full Assurance baseline as the Scheme transitions away from Partial Assurance.

Please let us know if you require any assistance with SMDA testing by contacting

Best Wishes

Kunal Sharma, Head of SMDA Scheme