SMDA Update – December 2019 and January 2020

Happy New Year SMDA members!

Pre-Payment testing now available for Central and South Regions

Pre-Payment functionality is available!

Having received feedback that the industry was ready for Pre-Payment testing, SMDA introduced Pre-Payment testing within the Central and South regions in November 2019.

Pre-Payment testing can be included as part of new device submissions, or as part of the Exemption Process for those devices who have achieved Partial Assurance or are already in testing.

For additional information on submitting a device for Pre-Payment testing please contact

Release 2 and November 19 Release

SMDA is in the process of upgrading the current testing platform to allow Release 2 and November 19 Release devices to be tested. Work continues with the Test House to update the test specifications and scripts to enable this functionality.

In the meantime, Release 2 and November 19 Release devices can still be tested against the current Release 1 baseline, provided they are able to communicate using GBCS 1.1. The benefit of doing this is that the device can gain Partial Assurance against the new Release 2 and November 19 Release baselines quicker, as the common functionality with Release 1 will have already been tested, and then the additional functionality can be tested using the exemption process once testing for Release 2 / November 19 Release functionality is available.

Please contact the Test House on if you’d like to discuss this option for your device.

Management Panel Representative Nominations

A member of the SMDA Management Panel has had to resign as a Supplier Representative due to taking a new role at a different company. Therefore, the Scheme is looking for a new Supplier representative who has a technical understanding of the metering testing process to attend meetings every two months, contribute to technical discussions and relay information to their representative groups. Occasionally the representative may also be assigned actions to complete before the next meeting.

This is a great opportunity for someone with an interest in developing a wider appreciation of the smart meter industry and growing their network across different stakeholders to be involved in shaping a key industry scheme that offers confidence to industry members and consumers that smart meter devices will operate successfully in the field.

If you, or one of your colleagues, is interested in submitting a nomination, please submit the nominee’s name, company position and a short paragraph expressing why the nominee is interested in becoming a Management Panel member and their industry background/ experience to

New ESME Device on the DAR

A new ESME device was added onto the Device Assurance Register (DAR) in December 2019.

This follows a steady stream of devices being awarded assurance, providing confidence in the process and we look forward to assuring more devices in the future.

To register your device for testing, please contact the Test House via to request a quote and start the process.

The testing fees are split into three portions:

  • 50% upfront when the device is submitted to the Lab
  • 25% upon issuance of your Partial Assurance certificate
  • 25% upon issuance of your Full Assurance certificate.

We are also happy to report that we have extended the assurance of a PPMID device for another six months. Following a review of their rectification plan, the Scheme Operator is satisfied that the Manufacturer has provided sufficient evidence that they have been trying to resolve their device’s tolerated issues.

 BEIS Interoperability on Change Review

 The BEIS Interoperability on Change Review was issued in October 2019. The report consisted of three recommendations for the Scheme, two of which were to review the SMDA Funding Model and for the Scheme and DCC to discuss a plan for Communication Hub (CH) testing via the Scheme.

Funding Model

The SMDA Board has reviewed various options for modifying the funding model and out of the proposed options, making a change to the Smart Energy Code (SEC) was the preferred option. As a result, a Draft Proposal for a Modification to the SEC was submitted on 17th January 2020 and is available on the SEC website. If approved by the Change Sub-Committee, it will pass to the SEC Panel for consideration.

Communication Hubs

Representatives from the DCC and the Scheme have met to discuss Comms Hub testing. In response to issues with new Comms Hub firmware versions not being suitable for deployment, the Scheme has proposed undertaking confidence testing of new Comms Hub releases between the DCC’s System Integration Testing (SIT) and User Integration Testing (UIT) steps.

The most recent meeting was on 16th January 2020, where technical representatives met to conduct a high level overview of the proposed testing. The Scheme looks forward to developing this opportunity with the DCC.

Forthcoming Meetings

  • The SMDA Management Panel 16 was held on 3rd December 2019
  • A teleconference for the SMDA Board was held on 12th December 2019
  • The SMDA Board meeting was held on 13th January 2020
  • SMDA/DCC Communication Hub Technical Overview meeting was held on 16th January 2020

Please contact if you have any questions on the information provided in this update.

Best Wishes

Louise Singleton, Head of SMDA Scheme