SMDA/SEC Joint Consultation Results Summary – DP111 ‘SMDA Budget Amendments’

In response to the recommendation made in BEIS’ independent review of device interoperability on change, namely that “Energy Suppliers and the SMDA Board review the SMDA funding model to ensure SMDA can provide long-term test assurance”, the SMDA Board and the Smart Energy Code (SEC) developed a joint consultation consisting of two parts; the first being to understand the Scheme’s value within the industry and which funding model the industry prefers, and the second part which focused on the current preferred approach, that of the SMDA Scheme being funded through the SEC.

The consultation ran from 25th April until 22nd May 2020 and in total 25 responses were received which are available here.

Overall a majority of participants believed that the Scheme offered value to the industry by providing interchangeability and interoperability device testing and the feedback provided supported the Scheme’s preferred funding model. When looking at the SEC Funding option in more detail, respondents supported the view that SMDA fixed costs should be covered by the SEC, while variable costs should not. Respondents also agreed that SEC should be involved in the governance of the SMDA Scheme if involved in the funding.

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