SMDA Newsletter – Update to the SMDA Tolerated Issues for Partial and Full Assurance

Dear All,

Following the SMDA Management Panel Sub-Group (MPSG) meeting in May and March 2022, the following documents have been updated:

  • SMDA-246 – Tolerated Issues for Partial Assurance
  • SMDA-252 – Tolerated Issues for Full Assurance

The MPSG agreed that three issues shall be tolerated:


  • An issue was found whereby the lower limit value for the AverageRMSVoltageMeasurementPeriod set by a manufacturer (1800 seconds) is longer than the value, for the same parameter, used in SMDA testing (60 seconds).
  • A failure is caused in testing as the device requires a longer voltage event before a threshold breach is recorded.
  • The value for this parameter is currently not an explicit requirement codified in either Smart Metering Equipment Technical Specifications (SMETS) and Great Britain Companion Specification (GBCS).
  • Tolerated as common issue as it is due to be clarified with the implementation of SEC Modification MP085A as part of the November 2022 SEC Release.
  • Applicable for both Full and Partial Assurance testing.

Zero Value Top Up

  • Issue found whereby a device fails to process a top-up command when it is credited with a top-up value of £0.00, and instead rejects the command
  • As there is no material impact expected, this issue was tolerated as a device specific issue
  • Only be tolerated during Partial Assurance testing.

Change of Network Operators – Execution Counters

  • Failure due to the originator counters in the command itself failing validation; the counter was smaller than the Remote Party Sequence Number.
  • Tolerated as common issue based on GBCS requirements and BEIS’ response on the BEIS issue log.
  • Applicable for both Full and Partial Assurance testing.

The latest versions of these documents are now available on the SMDA Website here and are referenced in the SMDA Baselines available on the website.

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Kunal Sharma, Head of SMDA Scheme