SMDA Newsletter – September Update

Dear SMDA Members,

The Scheme continues to develop to ensure that all industry members benefit from the Scheme with the main focus on transitioning into the Smart Energy Code (SEC), a consultation to review the Schemes testing scope and progression to Full Assurance.

SMDA Scope Review Consultation

Feedback from the SEC MP 111 (SMDA Budget Amendments) consultation expressed a need for the scope of the SMDA Scheme to be reviewed and as such the Scheme have developed a consultation which was published on Monday 16th August 2021.

The consultation contains four questions which we are seeking views on:

  • Proposed changes to the scope of testing suggested by Network Operators for an Electricity Smart Meter Equipment (ESME), as detailed in Annex B;
  • Communications Hubs testing;
  • Interest in add-on validation services provided by the SMDA Test House;
  • Whether further changes to the scope of the SMDA Scheme are required and if so, what these changes should be and the benefit that they would bring.

The Consultation can be found on the SEC website ( or though the SMDA website (

Members are requested to respond to the consultation by submitting their responses by email to by 5pm Friday 1st October 2021.

SEC Transition

The Scheme continues to transition into the SEC. Regular updates are provided to the SEC Panel and several meetings are attended by a SMDA representative.

Full Assurance

Full Assurance is available and is expected to be awarded towards the end of 2021 to devices that have successfully passed testing with no device specific tolerable issues.

Lab Capacity

The SMDA Test House (Critical Software) are pleased to advise that the Smart Meter testing capacity within the SMDA Lab has increased so that more devices can be tested at the same time.

To submit your device please contact

DCC Comms Hub testing update

SMDA testing of DCC Communications (Comms) Hubs has commenced following close work between the Test House and DCC.

EMM Closure

When the SMDA Scheme was initially founded, manufacturers were invited to submit their devices as part of the Early Mover Model (EMM) process. These devices were submitted for testing first, paving the way to assurance as Test Reference Devices and were provided with funding to cover the cost of first round of testing and their first round of re-testing.

Given the Scheme’s progress to achieving Full Assurance and the transition into the SEC, the SMDA Company Board agreed that this funding would be closed to allow the SMDA Company to wind down.

EMM Manufacturers were contacted in July and encouraged to contact the Test House to commit to continue testing on their current device or submit new Firmware for testing. All funding has now been utilities.

Additional Projects

The Scheme are working to introduce testing on WNC Comms Hubs and Dual Band Comms Hubs as well as uplifting to November 20 and November 21 SEC Releases.

Please contact if you have any questions on the information provided in this update.

Best Wishes

Kunal Sharma, Head of SMDA Scheme