How to submit a device

Submitting a device for SMDA testing is a simple process.

  1. Contact the SMDA Test House for a quote for testing your device. The Test House will consider the scope of testing required and swiftly issue a quote – the turnaround time may be a little longer where a specific test plan needs to be designed for variant devices or when partial testing is required.
  2. Raise a Purchase Order for the quote provided, as quickly as possible.
  3. On receipt of the Purchase Order, the Test House will swiftly issue the first invoice (50% of the testing fee and 100% of the Scheme levies).
  4. Sample devices and other design information should then be shipped to the Test House.
  5. Testing will then start when the initial payment has been received.
  6. Once testing is complete, the final invoice (outstanding 50% of test fee plus any agreed additional testing costs) will be issued for payment.


The Test House already has comprehensive confidentiality obligations in place through its terms and conditions, which are used throughout its testing and certification business for similar types of testing across multiple sectors. However, some manufacturers have required more detailed and complex NDAs to be agreed before submitting devices. This is possible to do, but please be aware that the NDA will need to be mutually acceptable and agreed. As such, this will delay the process of getting your device submitted. If an NDA is necessary, then getting these agreed upfront can avoid delay.