What types of assurance are there?

Devices can be granted full or partial SMDA assurance. Partial assurance is awarded in two instances:

  1. When a device has only been assured against certain aspect(s) of the SMDA assurance baseline, for example only credit functionality, or only for use in the Central and South regions; or
  2. When a device has been granted assurance with tolerated issues.

Partial assurance allows devices to gain SMDA assurance despite having known issues which prevent certain tests from being performed or passed. These could be due to external factors that sit outside of either the Scheme or the device’s control to resolve, or could have little impact to the industry when installed in the field. For more information on how the Scheme determines whether a test can be tolerated, please refer to Scheme Document SMDA-247 SMDA Management Panel Tolerable Issues and Principles Process.

Full assurance is granted when a device passes all tests listed in the SMDA assurance baseline.

Assured devices will be listed on the Device Assurance Register (DAR), which details the baseline against which assurance has been achieved and whether the device has been assured with any tolerances.