SMDA Monthly Update – February 2019

Dear SMDA Scheme Members

This is our second monthly update, which provides an overview of the latest scheme news and activities. If there is anything additional you would like to see in future updates then please do let us know.


Path to Partial Assurance – Progress Update

Following three weeks of intensive testing and triaging by both the SMDA SO and Test House, we have now managed to overcome device joining issues that were hindering progress and have completed credit interchangeability testing for the majority of device combinations.  This is a big step forward from where we were last month. We are still encountering interchangeability issues, for example incorrect tariff pricing and historic consumption issues, but have developed an initial approach for partial assurance subject to the remaining issues being resolved, which has been presented to the SMDA Management Panel today.

We will continue with internal triage, liaising with manufacturers and liaising with the DCC to resolve these issues and to confirm the first baseline for partial assurance. We are holding an interchangeability session with the DCC and Early Mover Model manufacturers in the second week of March and intend to release a further update in mid-March.


Other Activity 

  • Website – Changes to the SMDA Website will shortly be made live. These changes aim to make access to information easier and ensure information available is useful. If you have any feedback regarding the website please contact
  • Membership – Two new scheme membership applications have recently been successfully completed, meaning there are now 43 SMDA Scheme Members


Test House News

  • Following successful completion and validation of all HCALCS test scripts, subject to final SO verification, the Test House will have now completed all test development for the full scope of SMDA under both CSP networks, which is good news.
  • We have reached final agreement with the SMDA Test House to ensure they can remain in the scheme, despite commercial pressures due to lower device numbers than expected being submitted for testing. We are in the process of finalising documentation and once this is complete will issue an update.


Recent and Forthcoming Meetings

  • SMDA Management Panel meetings were held on 11th and 28th February
  • The SMDA SO presented at the EUA Members meeting on 19th February to provide a scheme update
  • The SMDA Co Board will be meeting on 4th March


Please contact if you have any questions on the information in this update, otherwise we will issue the next update at end March.


Best Wishes


Catherine Cousins, Interim Head of SMDA Scheme