End-to-end Testing Update

Since the launch of the SMDA testing service, the Scheme Operator and Test House have been carrying out end-to-end tests with real devices to confirm testing operations and ensure potential issues are resolved in advance of assurance testing.

All Test House systems are operational with real ESME, GSME and Display devices installed and commissioned at the Test House lab using CSP Central & South and North Communication Hubs. Full test suite testing is almost complete, with final outstanding issues being resolved.

The Test House has announced that, in view of the positive response received to the Early Mover Fixed Fee service, plus latest manufacturer forecasts, they have increased the number of test engineers in the lab to cater for forecast demand.

Ready to Start Testing?

The service is available for electricity and gas smart metering equipment, in-home displays and pre-payment metering interface devices.

The key benefit of obtaining SMDA assurance is that the scheme provides a degree of assurance that devices comply with the Scheme requirements related to the Smart Metering Equipment Technical Specification (SMETS), and ensure smart meter equipment will work effectively and interchangeably in a smart environment.

Manufacturers who wish to commence testing of smart metering devices are invited to contact NMi Certin B.V., the appointed SMDA Test House at smda@nmi.nl.

A Pre-testing service is also now available. This allows Manufacturers to test specific areas of interest, before they commit to full SMDA assurance testing.

Kicking Off SMDA Testing

Thanks to a collaborative industry effort, and with funds provided by the Meter Asset Provider community, the SMDA Scheme was able to launch an “Early Mover Fixed Fee” service just before Christmas, for Manufacturers wishing to test their devices from the start of the operational services.

The offer made to Manufacturers currently ready to test their devices, is that they pay their Initial Testing Fee only, with the cost of issue analysis and re-testing sourced from a central fund. This benefits Manufacturers as they have certainty over the total cost of testing their device. The Scheme also benefits by having the opportunity to flush out any central issues for the benefit of later participants.

The service has attracted significant interest from manufacturers and has proven to be the catalyst for testing to commence. Eight devices, across all device types (ESME, GSME and Display Devices), were selected, and testing has now commenced.

How to become an SMDA Member

Membership of SMDA is open to Manufacturers, Suppliers and Meter Asset Providers, and offers a variety of benefits: –

Access to SMDA Documentation

  • Full access to all scheme documents and procedures, including traceability matrix.
  • Access to Test Specifications.

Access to Test Reports

  • Manufacturers provided with a Test Report upon completion of testing.
  • Supplier members provided with SMDA Test Reports where evidence of testing required by OFGEM, through a governed process.

Access to the Device Assurance Register (DAR)

  • Listed devices are accessible, with key features such as: – make, model, SMDA baseline version, SMETS version.
  • Full details of baseline and device history limited to members section only.

Scheme Governance

  • Input into scheme governance, including defining testing requirements and scope.
  • Updates on testing progress.
  • Representation on SMDA Co Board and Working Group.

Test Fees

  • Discounted fees for members.

Membership Fees

  • Joining Fee – £2,500 + VAT
  • Annual Subscription Fee – £250 + VAT

To become an SMDA member, please click here to download the SMDA Application Form and Membership Joining Pack. The completed application form, along with any enquiries relating to SMDA membership, should be directed to the SMDA Scheme Operator by emailing smdaso@gemserv.com.